What I Care About

29 08 2008

When I was a university student, I took a poetry seminar with one Tom Emery.  I *wanted* to take the fiction seminar with another professor, but…so did everyone else in the writing program that year, so I had to go with what was available.  Boy, am I ever glad fate took that turn!  The poetry seminar was good for my writing in ways that I’d never imagined poetry could be.  Tom Emery was good for my mind and my soul.  He was passionate about the environment, had been for most of his life.  In 1993, he sat in our discussion circle and told us that in ten to fifteen years, the most important issues that our generation would face would be environmental at their core.  Water, he believed, was the problem nobody had yet cared to worry about.  He also talked about the dangerous dependency we have on fossil fuels.  This was fifteen years ago, and I’m sad to say that everything that Mr. Emery predicted is true.  Back then, I never imagined that water would be an issue in Atlanta, Georgia, but in 2008, my friends and family back home are facing constant water restrictions.  In Australia, desertification has become an alarming problem.  Not only is water an issue, but the politics and economics of fossil fuels and our dependency upon them has become an integral part of ordinary peoples’ lives.

I joined The We Campaign because I have long believed that the only thing stopping America from making the natural and logical transition to sustainable energy production is greed on the part of a small collection of individuals and special interest groups.  That has to change.



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